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Ability With over 20 years in professional photography, chances are we’ll have seen a similar problem before and will know how to solve it! Technology  As you can see, we travel with quite a bit of gear - and this is on light equipment day.... Experience ...but even with the best gear in the world, the pictures would be nothing without the experience to know how to light things and what looks good.
© Steve Dunning 2014
Principal photographer Steve Dunning has been shooting  professionally since 1988.   In the early years this meant shooting  more industrial interiors than he cares  to remember, but it was brilliant  training in lighting- if you can make an  engineering factory look good you can  make anywhere look great! So there  were many years learning about  lighting on location in difficult  situations.   Then the fact that it was all shot on  film meant that attention to detail was  key - no “oh we’ll fix it in post  production” - not when scans cost £50  a time and a “powerful computer” had 64mb of ram.  These days shooting roomsets and interiors on digital to 60Mb files  is a doddle by comparison, and it means he can  get on with what he loves best - bringing great  lighting to beautiful rooms. Now the standing  around waiting is usually waiting for the goldfish to  swim into the right position! 
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