Pricing and costs
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We have a straight all inclusive day rate of £800 per day. This includes all travel and accommodation, petrol, mileage, copyright licence for 5 years and dvd copying as necessary. We have found that many clients like this simple approach as they know where they stand - an extra day is easily costed. Hours are 9- around 5.30, and we wont generally work much past 6.30 as its counter-productive since everyone is getting tired and the results after 7pm aren’t usually very good. If we arrive on time and nothing is ready and no-one takes an interest and gets going until 2pm, unfortunately we won’t be able to work late to make up for it, it will just go into another chargeable day

Cheap photography is expensive. Good photography is inexpensive.

So you get the cheapest possible jigsaw for £12 from B&Q and it’s rubbish, its got no guts and doesn’t cut properly. So you go back and buy the Bosch you should have bought in the first place. Did you save any money? Errrrr, no. You should know by now, buy cheap, buy twice.

Cheap Jobs

We dont do cheap jobs as they literally just don’t pay. In the dim and distant past we have thought oh well its  a couple of hundred pounds and there’s nothing booked for that day. Unfortunately it just never works. Because the client is so strapped for cash, their premises are tiny and we’re give a small bare box room with a few desultry pieces of nondescript furniture and told to be creative. That is if the client has remembered and can be bothered to set things up, because if they place such a low importance on images that will represent their company, they’re not likely to put much effort into it. We  usually turn up and nothing has been prepared or organised. And then of course it’s always the “Oh, just a quick few shots” that just can’t be any good because there is no time or preparation, but in 6 months time no-one remembers that and they say ”Oh, he wasn’t very good”. It’s a well known fact in pro photographic circles that the £200 customer will always be more hassle and complain more than the $10,000 customer.

“Plenty of work to come...”

“...If you do the first job cheap”. Of course. Try that at your local restaurant - “I’ll be coming here  a lot in the next year so I want my first meal half- price”. They’ll look at you uncomprehendingly, like cows at a passing train. And so will we, if you try that one.

“You’re more expensive than the bloke down the road...”

Good, we’re better too. You may think you want the cheapest possible deal but in fact you’re not quite as price driven as you think. If you were, you’d have a second hand 1970s sofa, drive an “R” reg Ford Escort and have a 1992 Nokia 101. As it is your lounge looks quite smart, your car is rather nice, and you’ve got a shed load of of apps on your I-Phone 4. You get what you pay for. If you know the price of everything and the value of nothing I’m afraid we won’t be able to help you.
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