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Superb location photography for company annual reports and brochures since 1988
Ability means...  What does ability mean for you? Simple: you get the job done, whatever the weather, the time, the day, the location, the subject, the tag line. Just say “This is what we want”, or “This is the problem”, and it gets sorted. Why do we like photographers? Because they have gaffer tape. And imagination.
Experience means.. A massive bank of images and ideas and problems solved to draw on. That’s what you’re paying for. Will you get something that’s been done before? No, because every situation is different. It will be a combination of things, to come up with something completely different.  
Technology means...  ...it’s not  about technology! Even Nokia mobile phones have 30 megapixels these days, so its not at all about what you’ve got but how you use it. Good equipment will help up to a point but its not all the story..  
© Steve Dunning 2014
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