Portfolio - furniture - using your showroom as a furniture roomset
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Showroom furniture
OK, so money is tight. You don’t have a warehouse and/or you can’t spend the money building a roomset in it. BUT.. you do have a showroom with lots of space and it’s fairly well decorated. Right, lets use that then. The good news is yes, you can get good shots there, but no, don’t expect the best results ever and it will take a bit of effort. We need space - think 10x10m as a absolute minimum and clear of all furniture except the stuff we’re shooting. Perfectly painted walls - 5L magnolia is £20 at Wickes, get a couple of roller sets while you’re there. We need decent flooring - at least one end of roll carpet and maybe one roll of wood-look vinyl.  Add decent lighting, a modicum of retouching and the results can be surprising. Call us and we’ll visit to see what can be done - all of the pictures here were shot in customers’ showrooms.